Skills and abilities
at your service

bj-office advises you throughout the whole process, from concept to completion of your project:
Analysing your background, studying the specific problems, taking the time to consider alternative concepts, the latest trends - and all this while remaining highly attentive to your budget constraints. We are there with you at each stage of your thinking, from the initial concept through to completion of your project.
bj-office offers quality services and furnishing solutions tailored to specific or global requirements. These propositions also take into account ergonomic considerations, the optimal use of available space, acoustics and IT needs, so as to make each workspace both unique and exceptional.
Our areas of competence are as follows:
  • Definition of needs and objectives, project specifications
  • Listing and selection of suppliers
  • Design and drafting of plans, pilot studies, projects
  • 3D simulations
  • “Ergonomics” training
  • Delivery, assembly, installation
  • After-sales service, quality control
  • Guarantees (products, installations, restocking)
  • Project coordination and follow-up

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