bj-office unveiled this new centre, a unique avant-garde project, in partnership with the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD Genève) on 22 November 2012.

Central to our thinking on the whole project were the ideas of flexibility, openness, communication -
more than 60% of our employees have become 100% mobile.

The “laboratory” is the outcome of our reflections on how people will work tomorrow: different kinds of areas for different purposes, innovative workspaces, novel environments to stimulate new thinking, creativity, the exchange of views, for working together and for generating a sense of well-being.

The modular concept and specific purpose-designed areas allow people to work together as a team and/or individually.

The concept is unique, the solutions are new... Do come and have a look! Visits by appointment Monday to Friday (T +41 22 708 08 08).
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